Monday, October 12, 2015

First Fall Tablescape for 2015

Boy have I missed blogging about my table.  I have had a lot going on.  It has been stuff like remodeling and my nephew's  baptism and party.
I have missed visiting with you all.  I hope to have more time to spend with you.

The tablecloth is the inspiration for this table.  It is a gift from a dear friend, Gary at One Dish Dude.  Stop by his place to see some amazing tablescapes and recipes.
I enjoyed working on this table.  There were other Fiesta colors that would have also worked with this cloth.  I went with Plum, Paprika, Cinnabar, Heather and Sage. My favorite leaf glasses from Dollar Tree and Tiara glassess from Goodwill are on the table. The dessert glasses belonged to my mom.  The napkins and rings were also gifts from another friend.
I hope to post again soon.  Thank you for stopping by.