Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall 2014

I started decorating early for several reasons. One: It felt like Fall due to the drop in temperature. Two: I couldn't wait any longer. I'm usually the person who doesn't like to take things out early. Three:  time limitations.  I have a get together this Friday. I work all day on Saturday. I am watching my mom on Sunday. There are just too many things to list. So I could have posted most of this last week but I waited to set my table for the first day of Autumn. Things did get moved around several times and probably will be again.

So there you have it.  I am ready for Fall. Are you?


  1. I'm getting there, Monica! Yours decor looks great. I love your header, too.

  2. Love all your fall vignettes, and your table is beautiful. I'm getting my orange on too. :)

  3. Monica! It's great you are back. Thanks so much for stopping by = and for your sweet comments. I've missed you. Hugs.

  4. Every time I see one of your settings all I can say is Wow! Gorgeous! Wow!!

  5. Monica, you know that I love Autumn!!! Your Tablescape, and Fall Vignettes, make me miss playing with my dishes. I love your teapot lamp, and the Fiesta "Fall Fantasy" decal that I spy on your hutch. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful...just like you!


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