Monday, July 22, 2013

Two Tables

Since I showed my friend's table last week, I  didn't post what was on my table. So I will show it off with this weeks.  It was rather plain. I didn't get very inspired. It started with the napkins and wanting to use Lapis again.  Aside from Lapis, there is White, Yellow, Scarlet and Lemongrass.

So this week, I used my new to me tablecloth that my friend Ruby gave me for my birthday! We hadn't seen each in months and we only had a few minutes but it was good to see her.
 The Fiesta colors are Lapis, Marigold and Shamrock.  My tureen needed some attention so I brought it out as the centerpiece.

We had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. Hubs makes me extra for the rest of the week.
I hope you are having a good week.
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  1. Lovely settings. You have such a great mix of wonderful colored dishes.

    Is your tablecloth the Simtex Thistle? I have that one and it's a harder to find vintage tablecloth. Great friend! :) Pam

  2. I just adore your use of colour, Monica!

    You know me - I live in my little colourless monochromatic universe, so it is always a special treat to see what you've been up to!

  3. Oh my I love your tablecloth!! Love the pieces you chose with it. Your green and blue glassware is stunning. Lovely table. xo marlis

  4. Ooh Monica, I love the colors in the table and how you pulled them all out with your dishes. Your hubby is a sweetie for making you pancakes. xo

  5. First, I think the table is very pretty. It's colorful, and colorful trumps everything else in my book!

    How do you reheat the pancakes? I always just put the batter in the fridge and cook 'em the next day. Never thought of cooking and reheating them. If in the microwave, don't they get tough/chewy?

  6. Monica - I love, love seeing your marigold tureen. I remember how happy you were, when you got it. The new lapis color is gorgeous with your other pieces and pancakes look fabulous on anything - lol!! Oh, I almost forgot - love that tablecloth!!!

  7. Lots of gorgeous colors on your tables, Monica! I love that tablecloth.
    Have a great week...


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