Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fiesta and California Hand Prints

I have always wanted to find some vintage tablecloth at thrift shop. Well, I did this past summer.  When I saw this cloth, I am pretty sure I made some kind of noise.  I did get a few weird looks.  A few weeks later I found a similar cloth but it does not have the label nor does it feel the same. 
My camera is giving out again and the pictures are pretty bad. I tried to mess with them on Pic monkey but they may still look pinkish but the Fiesta colors are Scarlet and Black.  Most of the Black pieces are new to me.  This includes the flatware.  I didn't know it had been made in black.
I used my bow napkin rings and candlestick holders since there are bows are the cloth. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of that part of the cloth.
We didn't get to use this table. I had to cook to go to my mom's house since we can't bring her here any more and I also had to bake and cook a side dish for my in-laws on Christmas Eve. I hope I can get my New Year's table done tonight but it doesn't look promising.


  1. Such a lovely table, and you know I LOVE your CHP tablecloth. They are such a favorite. Yours is just beautiful, congrats! Happy New Year!

  2. Excellent find, Monica! I would have screamed a little, too! It's hard to get the camera to read these saturated red cloths well, but your photos look just fine. I love the drama of your scarlet, black and gold! Happy New Year!


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