Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty in Green

I found these dishes at my favorite local thrift. I found the dinner plates one week and the salad/soup bowls the following week.  My dad purchased the dinner plates for me. That is odd for me because he is always complaining that I have too many dishes. He dislikes when I crowd the table. The following week after we purchased the dinner plates, I went back as usual. I was in line to pay for something else.  I spotted them on the counter but didn't know what they were and I thought they belonged to the customer standing by the counter.  As the line moved on the bowls stayed on the counter. When I got the bowls and saw that they matched my plates,I snatched them immediately.  I got six bowls for $4.99 and 10 dinner plates for $9.99. They are not the usual Fiesta I normally use but they are made by Homer Laughlin. They are stamped Nautilus. There is another stamp in gold that says Lifetime China Co. semi-vitreous, Aliance, Ohio and Jade Rose. The gold trim is still intact on both the bowls and plates. I still need to work on researching them.

The candle stick holders are Lenox and I found them at a thrift store also.  The small green tea light holders were found at Goodwill for $.50.

The green glasses were a gift from a friend who fuels my addition to dishes.  The ice tea goblets were a wedding gift.
We had Italian Nachos and salad for dinner.

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 Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hi Monica.

    Your magnolia on Nautilus dishes look wonderful! What a find! You are ready for Spring!

  2. Cannot believe that you find these great deals - kudos for that! Your table is beautiful in the greens and those candlesticks are fabulous! Think you dinner is sooooo continental; sounds just perfect.

  3. This is beautiful too! What great deals you find! I read your comment on The Tablescapers about CTS. I don't know where you are in Tx, but there is one in Dallas. They are always opening more. But you are getting beautiful quality things in the thrifts!

  4. I just love that Magnolia pattern - WOW you sure know how to score on those thrifty finds!

    What a beautiful table. And is made me laugh what you said about your dad thinking you have too many dishes, men, they sometimes just don't understand our really obsessive need to play with dishes, do they?

    Well done, wonderful table!


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