Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turquoise for Christmas

The inspiration for this table was the napkin and a blogging friend name Becky who recently crossed over. She created a Valentine's Day table using Scarlet, Turquoise and Rose on her amazing blog Random Musings of  Deco Lady. I'm sorry but I still haven't learned how to add a link(update: Thanks to Bonnie at Living with Thanksgiving, I know how to add a link. Be sure to stop by her blog as she is having a give away.). I had been thinking of this table for a while. I would have imagined talking to Becky about it. It is a bit non-traditional but it works.

The Fiesta colors are Scarlet, Turquoise, Gray and White. The napkin was a clearance purchase at World Market. I believe I purchased them for $.49 each. The bowl in the center was a gift from my nephew's fiancee (he would say he it is from him too). When she gave it to me, she apologized for it not being made in the USA. It made me laugh because there is someone listening to me preach about my Fiesta that is made here in the USA. So anyway, the bowl is glass and made in Turkey. It is one of my favorites and has a place all year long in the living room.

I hope you are enjoying decorating for the season.  I hope to link up with The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.  Be sure to stop by and see what everyone else is doing for the holidays.