Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

Do you ever wonder what is going to happen to your stuff? Will someone love/like it as much as you do? Most of you have children and grandchildren that might be remotely interested in it. I do not. I have a God daughter but will she want my stuff? She will be inheriting all of her Grandmother's stuff. If my husband out lives me, will he keep it, give it away or have an estate sale? I hope there will be an estate sale so that people like me that look for treasures will find something from my stuff.

Today, I went to visit my aunt who fuels my addiction to dishes. I learned that she has two more sets of dishes. She says she wished used them more often.  With the fast paced life her daughters and grandkids lead, it is difficult, as my aunt needs assistance getting the dishes down.  She knows I use all my stuff since she witnessed it for my mother's 80th birthday celebration. She thought I was nuts.  Anyway, she was asking some of these questions. I asked her if her daughters were interested in her dishes and she said yes but... Her daughters also like dishes and decorate for special occassions. So most of her stuff will go to them. My aunt had some doubt in her voice though and that made me think about me. I asked her if I could come back to her house to "play" dishes. I don't think she thought I was serious. She has gotten me hooked on Fransican Desert Rose. She has every piece created I think. I would love to tablescape with it.
If I continue on the path that I am on, I will be the old lady who had too many dishes. Will these thoughts make me want to trim down? I doubt it. I love having a beautiful table even if we are eating sandwiches. Yes, there are days that I get tired of washing dishes and even (dare I say) use a paper plate. My husband helps a lot and I know he gets tired doing the dishes but even so, he asks me what I am going to do next.

My thoughts are all over the place.


  1. Hi Monica.

    I have thoughts like this all the time, too! I hope you get to 'scape with your aunt!

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your Tablescape just Beautiful with the pink and white.I would love to have your salt and pepper set to go with my Desent Rose dishes also. I love your ceterpiece just lovely.I hope you are keeping cool up in Texas. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my new Rooster.
    XXOO Diane

  3. Monica, Thanks for stopping by to look at our Fiestaware! While you were leaving your comments I post my Cottage version with the fiesta so come back and look. I did look at all your old posts, loved that new bowl you had I'll have to look for that one.

    Had to laugh when I read this post you don't know how many times I've asked that question! I only have one daughter, so I kidding tell her someday this will all be yours! I think she shutters just a little bit, because I have sooo many sets of dishes in addition to the fiestaware. I signed up as a follower and will be looking forward to you new posts. The Mom from Cottage and Broome.


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