Sunday, August 28, 2011

Becky's Crash Hot Potatoes- A Tribute

I am participating in a tribute to Becky Turner that is on Facebook today in honour of her birthday. This is my second post in honour of Becky. Her passing has been heavy on many hearts. Happy Birthday Becky. Thank you for that you have shared with us.
Becky was the first follower of my blog.  I was so thrilled. From her blog I found the rest of the dish divas (other Fiesta collectors) as well as other blogs. I started following Becky because of the dishes. As I went to read previous posts, I read about her illness.  I was amazed by her positve attitude and it reminded me of my husband who battled also has a great attitude when he was battling Testicular cancer. I then looked forward to her recipe postings. She shared everything from her illness, her family history, her photos, her recipes, and her collections among other things. She was always positive and didn't let her illness hold her back.  She was such as inspiration and will continue to be for many

So in honour of Becky, I made one of the recipes she shared and another table. I had been wanting to try several of the recipes that Becky shared on her blog. I will admit that I regret not trying it sooner so that I could have discussed with Becky how my version came out. Even if I had I would have been hesitant to bother her since she had so much going on. But I know she would be glad I made the effort.  I am looking forward to viewing all the tributes to Becky as she touched so many lives.

It is a simple recipe but then again I think Becky made it all look easy. She was great in sharing pictures while she was cooking.  She always told where the recipe came from or the inspiration.  Although this was not a family recipe, she seemed really excited about this one. The first recipe that caught my eye were her coined potatoes. I hope to try that next.

I will admit that I didn't boil the potatoes long enough the first time. So I put them back and boiled them a little longer.
The recipe called for 16 but I only made 10 since it was just two of us dining together.  I still have some left over for lunch tomorrow.
 So my potatoes do not look as pretty as the way Becky had prepared them. I added the salt, pepper and Thyme.
 I set the table while they were baking. We had some baked chicken and salad to go along with the potatoes. I used Fiesta in Scarlet, Rose, Periwinkle, Gray and Plum.  The linens were the inspiration for the table.  On my first table for Becky, I used two the Fiesta blues. Sorry I haven't learned how to put the link in.

 I added some sharp cheddar cheese to my serving. The hubby added the cheese and sour cream.  Although, they didn't look as good as Becky's, they were tasty and I do plan to make them again along with some of her other potato recipes.

There is no way I can come close to the way Becky presented her recipes. I just love the way she used to show the finished dish on one of her fabulous dishes. She showed this one on a Revol yellow chicken baker.

So as not mess up the recipe for others, if you are interested please visit her blog: Her pictures are way better anyway and if you have never visited her blog, this is your chance. You might find another recipe you would like to try.
I will continue to try some of her recipes and post them here when I do.

I continue to keep her family in prayer. She will be missed by all.


  1. Your potatoes look delicious, and your table is super. I love scarlet with the pastels. Such a nice tribute to Becky!

  2. She would have enjoyed so much, comparing notes and seeing your lovely table! Wonderful job!

  3. The Crash Potatoes are delightful, I have used them numerous times at the restaurant where I am Managing Chef. I think the original recipe came from the Pioneer Woman. I know that Becky would be thrilled that you chose to honour her in this way! I came to know Becky through various food boards and had opportunity to lunch with her several times in Huntsville.

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    Your recipe looks yummy. I also love your pink and light blue plates, I love the colors mix together like you have done. I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape,and your prays for my friend Melanie. I hope you have a great weekend with your family, and you keep cool.
    XXOO Diane

  5. Monica, what a lovely tribute to your blogging friend. The recipe looked great and your table pretty. I'm sure she would have been proud that you honor her this way.Thanks for stopping by, Laura


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