Monday, May 30, 2011

Spunky's Summer Cut 2011

Here are a few pictures of my baby before she went to the groomer for her shave down for the summer. I enjoy watching her sleep especially when she is dreaming.  In this first picture, she is waiting for breakfast. She is looking towards the kitchen as her food is being prepared.  Her nuggets must be soaked in chicken broth with some chicken of course.

 Here she is guarding my mom. By the way, she is afraid of that unattached child's gate.  It fell over once and hit her so she is very cautious when she gets near it.

Here is her new look.  It was cut a little closer than I wanted but her hair does grow back quickly. She was rather upset at me for leaving her and didn't want to leave until she saw her Daddy. He wasn't the one who handed her over to the groomer. I'm not too crazy how they left her tail.  I wish they had left it intact like last year. We took for a ride to my parent's house to remind her that not all car rides lead to an uncomfortable situation.  She seemed happy at my parentls house and seemed equally happy to be home.


  1. What a gorgeous girl! I love how she has her paws crossed, waiting for her dinner.


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