Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family Gathering May 2011

We had a family gathering at my house this past Sunday. My uncle, who lives in California, was in town. Although our house is small, we managed to keep everyone comfortable.  We ate, looked at pictures and everyone was sharing memories of growing up and of each other.  It was a wonderful day and it was worth all the effort.  My mom recognized everyone and even said their names when they came to greet her and it made them happy.  She laughed a lot. I was too busy cooking to set the table up or to take pictures that day.  I had the same flower arrangement from my last table still up. I added napkins and salt and pepper shakers. Here are a few pictures of how I had everything set up. 
The coffee table belongs to my parents. I don't have one because of space and my four-legged baby. She was pushed outside for the day. Luckily, it was not that hot and she had plenty of company.
I wanted to keep as many things as possible handy. So I took out my usual display items to make room. I did use plastic cups as I have enough casualties on my own. I didn't need to make anyone feel guilty for breaking one of my glasses even though we do it all the time. I had a get together a year and a half ago for my mom for her 80th birthday and everyone was shocked that I used "real" plates and flatware so it was no surprise this time that I did the same. I had a better system for washing them (I do not have a dish washer other than my two hands) and of course everyone helps. I have too many pretty dishes not to use them.
I made two roasts, Spanish rice, and chile con queso.  So I put the tostadas in my Crate and Barrel bowl and used the individual casserole dishes for the onion, cilantro and salsa.
 I had three crock pots operating. My friend lent me this huge one. The torilla warmer came in very handy.
The empty spaces and another countertop area were used for the desserts and salads.
 This is my uncle and my mom looking at pictures. Everytime my mom saw the camera, she turned away.  I don't think my uncle was aware I had the camera out.
 These are my cousins.
 Same cousins plus my dad, my mom's cousin(who I call uncle) and my cousin's husband.
 My uncle and hubby jumped into the picture.
My Godmother, cousins, my mom and me.
Too bad we didn't get to take pictures of everyone that came. I was too slow in taking out the camera. We had a great time and I hope we can do it again soon.


  1. What a fun gathering, Monica! Isn't it the best when you can amaze a large group by serving on "real" dishes?

  2. Daphne, thank you for stopping by. It sure is. It gave us something else to talk about too. I shared my adventures at thrift stores and estate sales. So they got to learn something new about me too.


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