Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodwill Finds

We stopped at the Goodwill after work today.  It was a good thing.  I found 1 Harlequin dinner plate and two salad plates in green.  I also found an Ovenserve plate. They are all in pretty good shape and for $2.50 it was well worth it. I also found some glass votives that are for a candle holder that was found at Pier 1 on clearance because it was missing the votive holders.  Good buys make me happy.


  1. Monica! Fabulous tables! You should come visit us at mediumgreen.proboards.com - it's a HLC collector site and many of us tablescape with our beloved dishes! Jealous on your Harlequin. I've just decided to start collecting spruce. The other plate is HLC Virginia Rose with a harder to find green trim - they are usually trimmed in gold or platinum.

  2. Rebecca, Thank you for visiting and for the information. I've enjoyed your tables in the Dish. I even borrowed your idea for the candleholders. I will stop by mediumgreen one of these days now that I am up and running on my own computer.


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