Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am too wired to sleep again. The night before was because I took a non drowsy allergy pill and tonight I'm too happy about my purchases and gifts. I've running on the high of the purchase I made this week of a Fiesta periwinkle plate with the Bugs Bunny decal for a $1. Since then I've gone to three other Goodwills. I found a lot of candlestick holders, Taco Bell Chihuahuas, an odd pitcher and a filagree hairspray cover. I have also been blessed with a lot of great gifts. My friend G gave me a beautiful basket full of fall decorations and cinnamon bread. I will be using them on my table this week. My friend S gave me a Riviera casserole dish in Mauve blue and a filagree box made by Avon. I have most of my stuff on the table. I am sitting here admiring it It's not just the stuff that has made me so happy it's that I have friends who care to get me anything at all. The great plus today was that my mom had a great day too. She ate very well and had fun at the stores. Also yesterday we had a nice evening with our friends L & J. We made dinner and then watched the Miner game. It was nice to spend time with them. I'm very blessed.

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