Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day

Invited my parents for lunch. We had fajitas with guacamole and chile con queso. My dad like the queso. I "played" with my dishes almost all day. Ofcourse in between making lunch and laundry. I took everything off a bookcase and washed them and rearranged. I got more Turquoise. There is ot enough in El Paso. We went to the Kohls on the westside of town and found a gust bowl and fruit bowls. I got four of the fruit bowls. I am keeping three and giving one to Sam my fellow collector. We stop by Dillards before heading West. I loved the display they had. That and my new Fiesta inspired me to play. I have to metion that some of my display is copied from Comfort in Concentrics. She had a picture of bowl with a plate on top with a bowl on top and so on. I still find it odd that these dishes make me so happy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dr visit

I am waiting at the doctor's office. I am still sick with a cold or sinus infection. I am tired of being sick. I know many can relate and have more serious illnesses. I shouldn't complain but I get sick so often. It is really getting annoying. It's not like I haven't made changes to keep fro getting sick. I am eating better and excersing more. My potassium is still low too. I hate taking that pill and I have to take it four times a day. I am going to get in trouble at work. I have been waiting 2 1/2 hrs now. I am starving now. My blog is so boring. This is just life. I love reading other blog and seeing their dish collections. I need to get a computer so I can add my photos. I still want to submit an article to the Hlcca too. Time is not my friend. I hear the doctor. Bigger issues with another patient.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

password forgotten

I forgot my password. I have so many to remember. I am still trying to get the hang of this. I got my Scarlet Fiesta tray yesterday at Dillards. It is a good size. I rearranged some of dishes today. I broughtout my Persimmon plates to combine with Peacock, Turquoise and Yellow. My friend Ana gave Turquoise flat ware. Persimmon and Turquoise are my favorite colors. She asked me why I wanted to create a blog. I want to show off my dishes. My Fiesta has helped kept me sane this past few years with the stress of dealing with Rene's cancer.Now the stress is my health:I have been diagnosed with diabetes. I was in denial for a while.I have made several changes to try to get my sugar levels under control. The frustrating part is having to follow a schedule to eat. No more spur of the moment. Planning. I hate to plan. Things go wrong when I plan.