Monday, September 15, 2014

Missing the Blogging World

I sure have missed the blogging world.  I manage to post some comment on some of your posts. Please forgive me for being a stranger.  Life took a hold of us well over a year.  We still have some bumps in the road but we are hanging in there.
I have been setting some tables.  I just haven't been able to post.  With Autumn fast approaching, I think I better start getting back in to the swing of things.
Here are a few of the tables I have worked on this summer.  It hasn't been as many as I liked but I didn't always use my beautiful dishes.
This is my pre-Fall table.  I have to admit I have started taking out the Fall decorations.  It felt like Fall on Saturday and with life as busy as it is, it was probably the only day I could work on them.  I hope to post again soon on that.

I set this one for Labor Day.  I think the place mats are cute.  I found them at a thrift store in Houston.

We also started painting the cabinets.  See how dark the drawers are.  I can't wait until we can get back to working on them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

White Table

I failed at my first attempt at a white table. I had joked with Kathleen that this table would make my brain hurt.  It did.. It didn't help that I read the rules incorrectly. So as I was getting ready to link up today, I reread the rules and redid my table. You can see my first attempt further down below.

I like white as an accent to my colorful Fiesta. I like how it looks on other people's tables. It is odd for me to see it on my table but I was up for the challenge and I was able to get it done. So a tiny victory for me. YAY!
The plates that I used as chargers are a thrifty find that are marked Made for Federated Department Stores. The napkin rings were found at Kmart but they were sold as ornaments. They are a different style. I liked them and knew I would use them for this purpose. Of course, there is White Fiesta on the table. Would you expect there not to be?

There you have a white table from the gal who loves color. Thanks to Kathleen for hosting Let's Dish. Be sure to check out everyone's table.

PS: Here is my first attempt.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Two Tables

Since I showed my friend's table last week, I  didn't post what was on my table. So I will show it off with this weeks.  It was rather plain. I didn't get very inspired. It started with the napkins and wanting to use Lapis again.  Aside from Lapis, there is White, Yellow, Scarlet and Lemongrass.

So this week, I used my new to me tablecloth that my friend Ruby gave me for my birthday! We hadn't seen each in months and we only had a few minutes but it was good to see her.
 The Fiesta colors are Lapis, Marigold and Shamrock.  My tureen needed some attention so I brought it out as the centerpiece.

We had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. Hubs makes me extra for the rest of the week.
I hope you are having a good week.
I am linking up with Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish.